We offer a completely managed solution with support available 24 x 7, 365 days a year. Now store owners/operators and managers can focus on running the business - NOT on keeping the back-office computer running!

Not ready to invest in new technology? Want to maximize your current investment? We have the perfect solution. Our purpose built back-office computer system runs a "hardened" version of Windows which protects the system from viruses and corruption.

The system was built from the ground up with the multi-unit store operator in mind. In fact, many of the features and built-in business analysis tools were requests from store owners and managers.

Let's get down to the "nuts and bolts" of the system:

  • NO Up-Front Costs!
  • We understand the ever increasing costs of a restaurant. Why add to that financial burden.

  • Low Monthly Cost
  • We believe in providing a feature rich, cost effective solution.

  • Integrate with Existing POS Terminals
  • Why replace what is working. We compliment your existing system giving you the tools you need to help you manage your restaurant more effectively and give you better control over your profitability.

  • Employee Time-Clock
  • Do away with your mechanical time clock and punch cards. Simple to use with built-in payroll reports.

  • Employee Scheduling
  • Easy to use drag and drop scheduling. Give your employees access to their schedules from anywhere!

  • Built-in Web Filtering and Monitoring
  • Improve productivity by preventing employees from accessing unwanted and inappropriate websites.

  • Automatic File Backup and Recovery
  • No longer worry about your computer crashing and losing all your data. All your files are backed up real time and on a nightly basis to our secure offsite data storage facility.

  • Remote Access to Store Computer from Anywhere
  • Why make unnecessary trips into the store when you can access the computer remotely.

  • Web Based Business Intelligence
  • This is where we stand out from the rest. We provide a web based Business Intelligence solution that is tailored to your restaurants' needs and formatted in a way that is meaningful and useful to you! Compare the performance of all your stores from one convenient site.

  • Built-in Alerts and System Monitoring
  • Our system will alert you when critical components need attention. For example - the Internet connection is down, order printers have been shut down or have become inaccessible. We even provide customizable alerts based on sales thresholds and scheduled "wake up calls". Employees can get a phone call or text message letting them know of their shift start time!

  • Next-Day Replacement Policy
  • We know that every minute/hour of downtime is lost revenue. That is why we offer next day replacement with built-in data recovery. The system is literally plug and play. Turn the system on and all your data and settings are automatically downloaded!

    Give it a try...What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing with our 30 day no obligation free trial!